Words That Rhyme

by Anderson Scott aka Snub Zero

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This is the flagship project in Anderson Scott's "Play It Forward" campaign. "Play It Forward" simply means- the album is free! The consumer's sole responsibility is to tell someone else about the album. Tweet about it. Post about it. Blog about it. Share the link.. As a matter of fact, the physical CD (available Nov. 13th- containing bonus tracks and exclusive material) will contain TWO copies of the album. One for the consumer, and one for the consumer to give to someone who is unfamiliar with the catalog of Anderson Scott, THE-5IVE, Spit Committee, or any of the collaborators who appear on the album.
Without further adieu, Anderson Entertainment presents "Words That Rhyme". Listen. Read Along with the lyrics. Enjoy.
Remember, if you like anything that you hear- PLAY IT FORWARD.




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Anderson Scott aka Snub Zero Atlanta, Georgia

Anderson Scott (aka Snub Zero) is a product of Cleveland, Ohio. Upon his arrival in Atlanta, he proceeded to build his reputation as a phenomenal lyricist and exceptional performer. As a member of THE-5IVE, Anderson Scott is the force behind Lyricism Lives movement. Punchline, after punchline, his literary genius is on full display via his latest effort, "Words that Rhyme." ... more

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Track Name: Inaugural Address
I'd like to thank you all for coming through, pleased to make your acquaintance/ Today's the perfect day for revolution, ain't it?/ So as the tape revolves and my fanbase evolves, I resolve to keep spinning 'til the sinners get sainted/ The water's been tainted, they used it to make Kool-Aid/ Them 360 deals get everybody but you paid/ The reality for hot rappers and DJ's/ is ain't shit funny, these days are like *****/ So I present to you these words that rhyme/ combined with the thoughts that disturb my mind/ There was a time all the herb and pine had me paranoid, I was too perturbed to grind/ But now I'm back and I'm proud, spitting my heart to crowds/ You can call me Steve Rifkind how I spark the 'Loud'/ You can call me Tony Draper, 'cuz my place is 'suave'/ Or better yet, I'm Brad Jordan when you 'face' my mob/ A space S C O 2T's/ My pet peeve is folks spelling Snub with 2 B's/ I'm married now, no more group sex with groupies/ I don' tossed balls to more 'bush' than Drew Brees/ But I had to slow down, man I'm getting to old/ To be perusing the club for these young ass hoes/ I got goals, I got needs/ I got cousins my age with seeds who got seeds/ All that I've endured forced me to mature/ And realize the garden's fertilized with manure/ I hopped out the sewer, and decided-/ instead of trying to feed the disease, I should cultivate the cure/ Now you're, privileged and privy/ to a little nigga bringing back a city/ SP on the MIDI's/ Snub getting busy/ Going bad like the milk when Charlie Murphy saw titties/ Gritty/ representative of the committee/ Committed to making other niggas sound shitty/ Cleveland Browns fitted/ Bitch I'm big headed/ my snapback snaps at the first hole, get it?/ Holla if you're wit it, shoosh if you're not though/ Nigga I'm a poet, call me Leaping Lanny Poffo/ R.I.P to Macho, R.I.P Elizabeth/ one word describes my rap style... vividness/ I write words wickedest/ and I'm leaning on Anderson Ent, back to my business/ Confident, dominant, prominent, bombin' it/ You are now rocking with Snub Zero tolerance...
Track Name: Time Has Come
It's the return of the relevant/ the Federer of rhetoric, competitors had better get Excedrin/ I'm Edgerrin, James with the slang, Clinton Portis when recorded/ Anybody who distorts it, gets their torso contorted/ The cost of fame skyrocketed, I couldn't much afford it/ so I hoarded hot tracks 'til my efforts got rewarded/ I am on it, I am wit it, I perform it and I kill it/ If you haven't been informed, I'm enormous with the lyrics/ I'm a leader, I'm a rebel- bringing trouble with the treble/ I got the warp zone cheat code-- I'm on another level/ Fraternizing with attorneys, leaving rappers on a gurney/ Shout to Coco, shout to Collin, shout to Alias and Journey/ This is the Tru Skool, we're too cool to youtube us ending your career/ So we gon' do it right here/ Live in the flesh, come collide with the best/ We ain't a gang, but when we bang- you catch 5IVE to the chest..

My time has come/ Them days of grinding with no shine are done/ I'm the one, and when this rhyme is spun/ You, two will realize that my time has come..

Poet Laureate/ From a land of 40 sippers and sporty chics who be goin through all sorts of shit/ Sorcerers smokin with cohorts and associates/ who sip fifths of 'Yac and get to acting inappropriate/ Verbal glock, I'm totin' it- verbal shot I'm loadin' it/ Me and Verbal Tongue verbalizin' with the hoe you wit/ No you did not say THE-5IVE ain't killin' it/ You best start givin' our militance due dilligence/ Or I'll dilligently deliver a few sentences/ I'm feelin' like that white dude from that movie 'Limitless'/ But instead of poppin' beans, I'm rockin' for the fiends/ Cinematic dreams, Hip Hop's Steve McQueen/ In loose fitting jeans/ if 'jeggins' are in style the fashion Police gon' give me a Rodney King/ Fuck dat, the day you catch me in some skin tights/ Jim Brown will make the news for bleaching his skin white..

My time has come/ Them days of grinding with no shine are done/ I'm the one, and when this rhyme is spun/ You, two will realize that my time has come..

Metaphors maniacal, metronome mechanical/ I'm in Mechanicsville bumpin' 'Illuminated Animals'/ Shouts out to Hannibal, I let the verbal cannon go/ (BLAM) if you ran it would be understandable/ Welcome to the annual, bicentennial/ I used to sell dime bags- by Centennial/ Park in the dark, now I'm chillin' in the broad day/ Bustin' in the booth just like I did in the hallway/ Dippin' on the Causeway, lettin' my cassette play/ Double antendre- I make your baby momma's neck sway/ What is this you're witnessing? I'll put it the best way-/ It's Cleveland niggas chasing green like when the Browns and the Jets play/ Biting niggas get found face down on expressways/ With traces of my style floating around in their X-Rays/ I am one 'Chile' ass rhymer/ I been surviving underground since I was a 'miner'...

My time has come/ Them days of grinding with no shine are done/ I'm the one, and when this rhyme is spun/ You, two will realize that my time has come..
Track Name: Anderson Scott
Verse One:
I eat in the streets/ Speak tongue and cheek over beats/ Deleting the weak, same time defeating the meek/ I'm a beacon of hope, trying to free my people from dope/ Same dope bought this Cherokee Jeep and this smoke/ They chiefin' it all, so I don't need a reason to ball/ speaking of ball, it's like I shoot 3s for Depaul/ But naw, I don't hoop, nigga my flow is just tall/ I'm on my Artest, Kobe Bryant, Odom, Gasol/ Rap tracks like (clak, clak) I pop and you fall/ You're too old to play the tough guy, you're Robert Duvall/ I'm spittin' this slang, I could be out soliciting 'Caine/ instead I'm flowing off the head and finding bitches to bang/ Witnesses claim, I blast with ridiculous aim/ I'm Nicolas Cage, kick ass when I'm rippin' the page/ Swishers and gin provoke me to grippin' the pen/ Listeners tend to say I be gettin' it in..


Verse Two:
Scotty Appleton/ higher than the scaffolding that used to be above the ring on Pay Per View wrestling/ Word to Massilon, my lyrics be tackling/ weed by the 'zips'.. I ain't talking about Akron/ Nigga you're saccharine, we are not 'equal'/ Your feeble attempts to move the people are fecal/ (You're doo-doo) I perform more than you do/ Matter of fact, my Youtube's got more show footage than Hulu/ I represent THE-5IVE, no Fubu/ Lungs blacker than Shaka Zulu in Honoluu/ I'm doing sodoku digits like it's '02/ I pull broads, you be draggin' balls... Goku/ You heard Get Right or Get Left, this is part two/ You're kicking them gangsta ass tales that's part true/ So your label pushed you back- "Sky blue, sky blue.. they put every body out except for you"


Verse Three:
Nigga, I flip- my flow is on a pummel horse/ I'm doing magic on the track, the black Dumbledore/ And if I don't win a dumb award, at least I get some applause/ 'Cuz me and my fans be on one accord/ I don't got one Accord, I got a Lex/ I got arrested in my Ford, 'cuz I hit her with my 'Flex'/ But I know what you're pissed for, you tricked til you were piss poor/ and she still chose me, and I be shoppin' at the thrift store/ I don't got swag, nigga I got game/ so my rap's on the top of the map like Bangor, Maine/ The modern day Dana Dane, gwop like Dana White/ I'm Common and Dana Owens flowin'.. Just Wright/ Night, night bitch nigga, my verse will be your lullaby/ When the reefer gets mummified/ Kiss your baby mother bye/ If you're talkin' bout fake thugs, you're talkin bout them other guys/ But discuss which niggas are live/ mention THE-5IVE..


Verse Four (yes, this song has 4 verses, what of it???)
I got the breath of a philosopher floatin' through my Chakras/ Puffin' on hydroponics from Nicaragua/ I'm so retarded, if they made a movie about my life whoever portrayed me would win an Oscar/ Fans like to see MCs who do it proper/ So they bouncing off the wall like under cooked pasta/ Catch me in the kitchen, but I'm not cooking crack/ I'm at the kitchen table, 'bout to power up my Mac/ When I power up my Mac, an hour later flat/ I've devoured 8 tracks and a Now-n-Later pack/ Tropical Punch, I eat topics for lunch/ Don't forget, I can flow off the top in a crunch/ I've got a hunch, you ain't dropped a dope verse once/ Hot beats to wack rhymes are like Kush to stale blunts/ I inhale blunts after a long day stressed/ I'm a ballin' Mother fucker... Delontae West..

Track Name: Yams
Verse One:
I am a rapper, actor, full time activist/ Prophet, poet, paragraph pacifist/ I'm a catalyst, 5IVE representative/ futuristic flow, but my grind is so primitive/ I'm a son, an uncle, a brother/ I'm unprotected MILF sex- a 'raw motha f___"/ I'm a beast, so I'm a threat to the 'biz/ and I'm never gonna quit, I just is what I is/ I'm proud to be Black/I was gone for a while, now I'm proud to be back/ This is the revolutionary bounce that we pack/ a bountiful track that you can let bounce in your 'Lac/ I am the 808 bang/ Section 8 slang, I decimate lame/ By 'lame' I mean those who let hate reign/ So if you're with me, when the hook starts to resonate.. sang

Verse Two:
I'm Sean Bell's spirit, Sean Combs' dreams/ I'm Chandon sippin' rockin' Sean John jeans/ I am Mandela, I'm Nat Turner/ I'm magnificent over tracks by Phat Burner/ I'm Langston Hughes and W.E.B. Dubois/ I'm Chuck D from P.E. - now let me bring the noise/ I'm known to disappear in a marijuana cloud/ You want a hit? gimme a track and a pack of Blank and Milds/ I am Anderson Scott/ I told you who I am, now let me tell you who I'm not/ I am not a gangsta, I am not a thug/ I am not about to make it rain in the club/ I am not a killer, though I do murder tracks/ I'm not the type of cat to twist facts in my raps/ I am not studdin' critics, I could give a damn/ I will never compromise, I just am what I am..
Track Name: I'm a 5ver (f/THE-5IVE)
I was born with a mic in hand/ In a land where the rich get rich and the poor get trips to take the stand/ I decided to take a stand/ like I just robbed a band/ but instead I just robbed the bass while e-z rockin' for the fans/ I rep for those individuals who're sweating for residuals/ but gettin nothing but sentences for money making rituals/ Living so despicable, demons in our physical/ so aint nobody spiritual- them murder cases typical/ I'm a Black man living a White man's dream- I be lying/ so I guess I'm using the White man's schemes- all the time/ in my quest just to get this cream/ my mind is like the manager's at Coffee Bean- on the grind/ But the cops and shots from glocks and all the rocks that we puff/ Plus the shots of vodka, watches, drops and gwop got us nuts/ I'm insane in the brain.. I'm gon 'b-real'/ I could be wild be I'm gon be chill/ Hennessey sippin', Infinite dippin', I tend to be flippin'- Im mentally ill..

HOOK (2x):
I'm divine, sublime, refined combining lines/ My mind forever shines off the rhymes I design... I'm a 5ver!

we got them lines / that shine/ be on the cam like ya boi from Caroline /in hollywood on the screen in due time/ gettin monster green like boi Frankenstein/ ima 5verrrrrrrr / spit this quick then I gooo / manifest it, flow arrested cause we stole the show/ wezza a hard act to followww trust/ ask them crews at the show that tried to followwwww us/ we left stage musty, busty still wanna hug me, rub me, tug me, love me, bug me/ but he has to get back to the valley, sally now is a cussy, fussy, hussy 5!

February 2-Double-0 to the 9/
Was the time that everyone witnessed the Divine/
Union of 5 human individual signs/
Soon to become the dominant conglomerate of
'Rhyme...That...Words', in reverse/
You can feel the rush from the stage when we burst, whoever bringing it first/
Gotta set it off proper/
(Monsta) 5IVE be the sponsor/
Hasta la Vi... to imposters/
Any beat I'mma eat like Dahmer/
Hannibal eliminate a 'pause' like comma/
Cannibal, a Heavyweight Boss Mic-bomba/
An animal with steady weight loss like sauna/
Part of a brotherhood we the Mantra/
Maneuver through ups & downs like playing Contra/
Lyrical Chief Rocka/
You can just can watch us/
Fresh like Binaca/
Invest in the roster/

SHRED The Verbal Tongue:
8 bars of sheer excellence.

HOOK (2x)

8 bars of lyrical supremacy (By the way, that dude said, "Fill a Dell for ya..." (Philadelphia??) Ham.

If you wonder why I got my 5s to the sky/ Giving two slaps down, with a back hand, pound and dap that's left up high/ Never "I", it is 'us'/ In the crew we trust/ This is who 'I am", shouts to Big Rus/ When the rhymes get bust and the beat goes bang/ The fleet goes nuts and the people sang/ We ain't no gang, it's in our 'blood' to 'crip'ple with slang/ Triple your bread, cover your head/ real Hip Hop has come from the dead/ Jawz Pizzle, Zilla and Shred/ Snub Zero spittin' that lead..
Track Name: PCP
Flow dope, this lyrical PCP/ I'm bangin' Sweet 16s- no TP3/ I'm the 'pinky' of the crew, huh? HeHeHe/ Well, shorty all the way home you're gettin' 'WeeWeeWee'/ I am Eastside ridin' through the D.E.C/ I got a 'Dolla' and '2 chains' like DTP/ Nigga try to test, I will gladly agree and play BABY BOY repeatedly like BET/ Let me get to the particulars/ Particularly how I be whippin' these vehiculars/ My fan base are sticklers for lyrics so I whittle up/ spittle and these riddles in a cypher that is cycular/ Rap game- stick'em up, we're taking what is owed/ They took away the spirit, now we're bringing back the soul/ My condom wrapper's gold/ my money don't fold, 'cuz the shit jingle- you can hear it when I stroll/ And the sound of my steps plus the flopping of the change/ is the beat I write to while I'm walking to the train/ Deranged in the brain/ Estranged from the lame/ Arrange with your dame for Poo-Tang in the rain/ I bang with a gang, that ain't a real gang/ We just hotter than the weather at a 'Luau'.. (dang)/ The place from which I came/ niggas slang powder in the early morning hours- call it Tang/ All the young'ns like "What??/ what the fuck is Tang? Is this muthafucka nuts?"/ Well, it could be i got a couple screws loose/ Or you're slow as Bruce Bruce running with his boots loose/ I used to shoot hoops, now I'm travelling/ It's like its '96- I'm in Atlanta throwing javelins/ The chance of your crew beating my crew battling/ Are slimmer than my muthafuckin abdomen.. what's happening?/ If you're really 'bout it, grab the mic and start rapping/ but nigga if you're scared, call a chaplin/ I get it crackin' with mic rip actions/ Puffin' bomb green... Mike Vick to Macklin..
Track Name: Get This Pay
HOOK (2x):
From my brain to my lips from my lips to the page/ From the page to the booth, from the booth to the stage.../ I gotta get this pay/ That's the reason why I spit this way

I grew up on Hough/ Needless to say, where I grew up was rough/ The school had rats, the cribs had rats/ The kids had gats- so the coroner had stats/ But the high hats got me with a low cap/ Snub's in the house now- no Lojack/ I'm bout to blow stacks and cop me like four tracks/ In a crazy world, this flow I'm droppin' is Prozac/ "But Snub, the times are so hard/ People wanna dance, why are you rhymin' so hard?"/ Nigga I will jerk when my Mom ain't gotta work/ But until then, when the beat drops, I'm gon go berzerk/ and blurt this legendary speech/ Just think- talent is hereditary... Sheesh/ Imagine when my son decides that it would be fun/ to drop the hottest album of 2031..

HOOK (2x):
From my brain to my lips from my lips to the page/ From the page to the booth, from the booth to the stage.../ I gotta get this pay/ That's the reason why I spit this way

I just bought a flat, I live in a culdesac/ I be speaking to my neighbors, but they don't be speaking back/ But when I get visited buy the cats in my frat/ Them same neighbors call the law, 'cuz we must be selling crack/ What the hell is that? No matter how much I stack/ I can't ignore the fact that in their eyes- I'm Black/ and you can't be intelligent if you've got Melanin/ I manufacture medicine- this is microphone Mescaline/ 16 bar barbituates, I tend to spit/ Pineapple Express, y'all niggas is Snicklefritz/ Pistol gripped pencil, spittin' for the shit of it/ Welcome to my Odyssey, I'm re-writing the Iliad/ Idiot, I'm hot- period/ Excuse the big words, but with the verbs I've got a myriad/ I can spit that hieroglyphic shit that's in a Pyramid/ then sell a script to Miramax and still chill on Puritas..

HOOK (2x):
From my brain to my lips from my lips to the page/ From the page to the booth, from the booth to the stage.../ I gotta get this pay/ That's the reason why I spit this way

This ain't punchline rappin'/ This is what it sounds like when crunchtime happens/ When you miss to many brunchtimes- napping/ While other people enjoy the sunshine- laughing/ I bring the noise like a drumline passing/ While you bring the news to the 'One-time' captain/ Rat-a-tat-tatta when I rattle off the grammar/ From Muskogee to Muskigum to Tuskegee Alablama/ Never been in the slammer, never had to bang a hammer/ Except to fix my bed after I banged your baby mamma/ That was stupid, but this beat is so bananas/ That every time I spit that line, the people go bananas..
Track Name: Genius
A fucked up child hood was not the way I was/ Flat top full of Triple Fat Goose fuzz/ While other people my age were forced to move drugs- I was reading Geoffrey Chaucer/ and writing tales of flying saucers/ I idolized my favorite authors, they influenced my flow/ so for this verse I owe Edgar Allen Poe/ I went from never having dough, to never having change/ 'Cuz I'm a well rounded artist with everlasting range/ It sounds strange, but reading the Great Gatsby/ Had me prepared for making tracks with J. Gatsby/ Voice kind of raspy, body frame narrow/ I'm A. Scott Fitzgerald rockin' Hip Hop apparel/ I've got my eye on the sparrow, I'm the Native Son/ Afro-centric sharp words pierced my Native Tongue/ Though the blocks where I hung were hot like Phoenix/ I grew up to be a muthafuckin' Genius..

Now I'm of age, and living in the projects/ Where most young women get viewed as objects/ I wasn't so fresh up in high school, so never could I fathom/ That one day my rappin' would have them having spasms/ I'm a microcosm of the people from the bottom/ Who wore Pro-Wings in the snow and had to slalom/ all the way to school and couldn't do their math problems/ 'cuz their school had rats and roaches coming out of the columns/ So this is for West Tech, this is for Hay/ I'm still waiting for my 'Scholarship in Escrow' pay/ Gettin' that Jethro pay, now I'm in St. Troupe/ eatin' tropical punch Now-n-Laters while banjo's play/ Thinkin' back when I ain't have no say/ when I wanted to go to prom and didn't have no way/ I flicked by blunt ashes, rose like a Phoenix/ and grew up to be a muthafuckin Genius..

I'm in too deep, I got a show tomorrow and I just can't sleep/ A&Rs trying to make a smooth creep/ and on top of that.../ niggas after me for fuckin' one of their hoodrats/ Ain't got no time for these fake rappers' stories/ So I introduce these Alleyway Allegories/ Pick any category, and I'll be on top of it/ Paragraphs prosperous, n'ann bit monotonous/ Scientifically, I be droppin' this hotness/ Matter of fact, my esophagus spews phosphorous/ I spit nitrogen whenever my mic is in/ 'Flow' like one oxygen, two hydrogen/ I already told you I've got fortified vitamins/ Potassium, calcium, riboflavin, niacin/ Never tiring when firing this English/ Rapper slash actor slash writer slash genius.. chea.
Track Name: 2012
I've been told I'm socially awkward/ but I don' tagged more chicks at the club than Shannon Crawford/ That line was for my Facebook friends/ My 'social network' gets Facebook ends/ I rap song bless, spit rap songs best/ Countin' money on a boat, nigga stacks on deck/ Verbal glock, who wanna get clapped on next?/ Before you battle us you better strap on a vest/ Spit Committee 5iver/ The day you spit it liver, Clay Matthews will have hair like Donald Driver/ Deep sea diver, dominance striver/ Terminator- I should marry Maria Shriver/ I serve hoes like Maria Sharipova/ Hotter than wearing a pair of Tims in Sarasota/ I'm the icon of the Ticoderoga/ So let me show ya how niggas do it in Cuyahoga/ Blood of Carl Stokes, spirit of Bernie Kosar/ It sucks that I haven't seen no money earning so far/ My flow hard- I spit crowbars/ Testin' me's a 'hazard' like the lights on a slow car/ My diet is low carb, but what's ironic about that fact is that my raps are full of saturated fat/ I was sad to be gone, glad I made it back/ Now that I'm here, let's eradicate the wack/ 2012's the year that we calculate racks, and have your girl's back bent like an aggravated cat's/ She saw me spittin' Gladiator crack/ And treated her ass like I treat the front row.... made it clap/ so I gave her a shout out at my last show/ As a tribute to her, I made the fans say "Ho"/ (hooooooo) Bitch nigga, kick rocks/ You play the soft role in "The Game"-- Rick Fox/ This is Hip Hop, I'm in socks and flip flops/ At a strip club watching bad broads kick box/ What could be better?/ I'm getting that 'I Heart Huckabees' cheddar/ One phrase in my mind when constructing these letters/ 'Respect me always, fuck with me never'/ I got a sick ass grind, I get mo' cheese/ Nigga, You be lyin' yall ain't bit mo' G's/ You lookin' for that woman you was wit, bro she's/ In the corner giving head-- Victor Ortiz/ (sheesh) Kimmie wasn't lyin' in our press kit/ That crew known as THE-5IVE spits fresh shit/ You wanna hear some more deaf shit?/ Go to REALHIPHOPISBACK.COM and get Rec's shit/ Yeah- nigga back to the program/ Yo jam clears the dance floor like a slow jam/ Mine comes with unexpected kicks like the Zohan/ I'm 'sonnin' these alleged killers-- Hulk Hogan/ If rap was a movie, yours would be a romance/ Mine would be a 3-D remake of Conan/ The Barbarian, hot bar carryin'/ Yo broad ugly as the shot of Shawn Marion/ I turn 'lights out' like Shawn Merriman/ My rap style is far out- I'm Carrolton/ Your raps full of 'shhhhh'-- librarian/ You're a meat eater, nigga I'm a 'vagitarian'/ Egats, this rapper don't need straps/ I'm a treble clef gangsta, I'll clap you wit B Flats/ But when i cock the heat back and you bump it in your ride/ Like a blind man at a newsstand, you 'feel' the 'vibe'...
Track Name: Overall Rockin' (f/TeaBag da Herbalist and The S.O.N.G.B.I.R.D)
VERSE ONE (Anderson Scott):
Skinny nigga made of iron, with words flyin'/ In a time where the fishes are drowning and birds dyin'/ I emerge tryin' to make young soldiers to Private Ryan/ and save 'em after I amaze 'em with rhymin' science/ Most High reliant while most fly when blinded/ I'm a rebel over trebel, let's toast to my defiance/ My Greasekyd alliance supplyin' what people buyin'/ They're fiendin' for some lyrics with meanin' and we're complyin'...

HOOK (The S.O.N.G.B.I.R.D): Got a gift to make it breezy, make it sound so easy/ Make it bang so hard, you might see stars/ You might need God/ He said keep it rockin' 'overall'

VERSE TWO (TeaBag da Herbalist):
It's Sammy 'Stay Rich" Junior with Frank Sinostrils/ Cats jostle just to get a glimpse in the ear of the Apostle's gospel/ There's no need to be hostile/ so smoke the trees til you docile/ Iglootew open for business, damn and look who stopped through/ It's one fifth of THE-5IVE and 2 fourths of The Show/ and 3 of us on the medley, now we killin' 'em close/ It's so flowly that we feelin' the ghost/ It's iller than colds/ There's no drug ever sold that can heal you from those..

HOOK (The S.O.N.G.B.I.R.D): Got a gift to make it breezy, make it sound so easy/ Make it bang so hard, you might see stars/ You might need God/ He said keep it rockin' 'overall'

VERSE THREE (Anderson Scott):
Now let my mission begin/ I'm sippin Gin- tipsy as the Michelins spin/ I'm like Troy Davis as I'm gettin it in/ 'Cuz the whole world praying that I get out the 'pen'/ I'm physically thin, mentally not nearly as slim/ Lyrically, I am Gaborey Sidibe's twin/ Eyes squinted as my Irises concealed in my brim/ I am 'overall' rockin, bitch I'm Hillbilly Jim..

HOOK (The S.O.N.G.B.I.R.D): Got a gift to make it breezy, make it sound so easy/ Make it bang so hard, you might see stars/ You might need God/ He said keep it rockin' 'overall'

VERSE FOUR (TeaBag da Herbalist):
It's Terry Gordon and Anderson Scott/ We'll leave lumps on your dome, and then call them 'forget me knots'/ We used to put it on repeat, but now niggas just retweet/ Half of these peeps are half sleep and the other half are passed sweet/ How u think you're complete when you was ass just last week/ Bumpin my old CD sayin' "That's that beat"/ Get it right, trick- we reign in this thang, damn it/ i am OVERALL ROCKIN' bitch I'm Jed Clampett
Track Name: Go (f/Coco Jones and Vegas Gibson)
PRE-HOOK (Anderson Scott):
Shawty, I gotta go/ When I'm gone, I ain't coming back no more/ If you loved me, you would wanna see me grow/ so even though it might cause you woe- I gotta go..

VERSE ONE (Anderson Scott):
..We had a blast/ Chillin' watching movies- a little puff, puff, pass/ We shared a couple laughs, our chemistry was super/ We exchanged views on the art of Kama Sutra/ But then, my position switched, when I heard that little clock go 'tick'/ That was it/ I knew that it was time to refurbish my design/ and what we had was fun, but wasn't furthering my grind/ I'm sick of teaching all these kids that's not mine/ I wanna have a youngin who can watch his Pops shine/ So although you are fine, I gotta decline/ All future endeavors together- wait, why are you crying?/ There comes a time in every man's life, when he analyzes the wrongs and rights/ I know it's trife/ I hit your heart with that knife, that night/ the next day I prayed about it and met my future wife/ (damn) I know you think that's despicable/ Triflin' Pitiful, all adjectives applicable/ But that muscle in my chest- with the arteries and ventricles/ Is nothing short of unpredictable/ So it's not you -it's me,/ I'm going through some changes- 30 years old is the new puberty/ I gotta get my life right, I've come to that decision/ But I gotta leave you to start my mission..

HOOK (Coco Jones):
I had to leave (go)/ Walk away (go)/ But I see clearer now, better than before/ No regrets, its all love/ I had to let go of yesterday- and I'm better (better)

VERSE TWO (Anderson Scott):
From the very first time I walked through your doors/ You'd clap for me, snap for me- sometimes you'd roar/ I jumped off your stage, rolled around on your floors/ And copped every appetizer shown on your board/ All them days of chillin on your back porch? (Lord)/ My brain cells decreased and creativity soared/ I met my best friends there, bagged a bunch of chicks there/ Shit, I kicked Spoken Word over your kick snares/ I made chips there/ But now that I'm gettin' a nationwide buzz- I think I'm too good to spit there?/ Real fuckin rap-- you consistently supported real fuckin rap/ But your vibe is so grimey/ and grimey rappers stopped gettin shine in the 90's/ I wanna be at Summer Jam- I wanna push a Range/ Not rapping for a homeless man begging me for change/ Everybody in the 'A' can admit/ the scene wouldnt be the same if you didn't exist/ I travel 'round the world- giving party people fits/ But still I itch to be on your list- I can't resist/ So now I'm rolling down Spring Street, reminiscing/ Missing your cheap ass beers and Jerk Chicken/ But listen, the world's witnessin my ascension/ So I had to leave home to start my mission..

HOOK (Coco Jones):
I had to leave (go)/ Walk away (go)/ But I see clearer now, better than before/ No regrets, its all love/ I had to let go of yesterday- now I'm better (better)
Track Name: Caucus
The kids playing hide and go seek/ same place where the dealers hide iron- don't peek/ Look through your irises and you'll see people at risk for viruses/ turned to survivalists/ Hell kinda vibe is this? Ridin' with a rifle clenched/ Singing the first verse to "Life's a Bitch" as I light a spliff/ I get higher 'cuz I can't get lower/ and all of my cries for help have been ignored/ By everybody but the Lord/ But everytime I kneel down to pray, I get bored/ And fall asleep, dreamin' about gleamin'/ schemin', I'm the Black Bobby Heenan and my demons/ are like the Four Horsemen- Rugers instead of Luger/ These Anderson Brothers maneuver, inhaling Buddha/ Still feelin' the effects of when J. Edgar Hoover/ turned Black folks into heroine shooters/ They look at us as hoopers, hurdlers, burglars/ child neglectin', chicken eatin', gun toting murders/ That's why they're servin us nothing but hate/ and we forced to live in such a gluttonous state/ Niggas will sell their soul for a fuckin estate/ a bad broad and a candy paint bucket to skate/ I gotta quote Big Rhythm when constructing this tape/ Both hands near the nine like a quarter to eight/ According to Fox, I'm destined for a spot in a box/ No 40 acres and a mule- its TWO hots and a cot/ but instead, I'm watching Boondocks in a drop/ I'm like Rasheed Wallace's head- I'm rockin' the spot/ and I hope to heal the world with the doctrine I drop/ Call me A space Scott, I make great scriptures/ and get double exposure like 8th grade pictures/ (cheese) Let's develop the negatives/ I'm hype while these fellas rather live off of sedatives/ I'm from where the metal peels back in a hurry/ In broad daylight while the bystanders scurry/ The judicial system do drug dealers dirty/ so I medicate 'mics' like Conrad Murray/ Alberta Clipper, nigga here's a snow flurry/ Hakuna Matata, I'm rockin' with no worries/ Eyes on the prize- so here's to the fans/ who vibe when we ride, I hear cheers from the stands/ They appear to be tranced, so you can make them dance/ I will make them believe they can advance/ Here's my chance to fatten up my wallet/ so this here's to pay for Tiara Malone's college/ I push these books financed by my own pockets/ No watches, bracelets or fancy ass lockets/ I push paragraphs of poetry with pencils/ to people in the projects to prove their potential/ When push comes to shove, we can all rise above/ if we just show some love... now follow Snub/ Let's push through the poison, push past the pestilence/ and push and adolescent into excellence/ (hold up) Let's push through the poison, push past the pestilence/ and push and adolescent into excellence/ (one more) Let's push through the poison, push past the pestilence/ that was WORDS THAT RHYME, now here's a word from The President...