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Verse One:
I am a rapper, actor, full time activist/ Prophet, poet, paragraph pacifist/ I'm a catalyst, 5IVE representative/ futuristic flow, but my grind is so primitive/ I'm a son, an uncle, a brother/ I'm unprotected MILF sex- a 'raw motha f___"/ I'm a beast, so I'm a threat to the 'biz/ and I'm never gonna quit, I just is what I is/ I'm proud to be Black/I was gone for a while, now I'm proud to be back/ This is the revolutionary bounce that we pack/ a bountiful track that you can let bounce in your 'Lac/ I am the 808 bang/ Section 8 slang, I decimate lame/ By 'lame' I mean those who let hate reign/ So if you're with me, when the hook starts to resonate.. sang

Verse Two:
I'm Sean Bell's spirit, Sean Combs' dreams/ I'm Chandon sippin' rockin' Sean John jeans/ I am Mandela, I'm Nat Turner/ I'm magnificent over tracks by Phat Burner/ I'm Langston Hughes and W.E.B. Dubois/ I'm Chuck D from P.E. - now let me bring the noise/ I'm known to disappear in a marijuana cloud/ You want a hit? gimme a track and a pack of Blank and Milds/ I am Anderson Scott/ I told you who I am, now let me tell you who I'm not/ I am not a gangsta, I am not a thug/ I am not about to make it rain in the club/ I am not a killer, though I do murder tracks/ I'm not the type of cat to twist facts in my raps/ I am not studdin' critics, I could give a damn/ I will never compromise, I just am what I am..


from Words That Rhyme, track released October 25, 2011
Written by J. Anderson, J. Rankins
Produced by Phat Burner
Recorded at Soul Aesthetic Studio
Contains excerpt from and sample of "Popeye" (Paramount, 1980)



all rights reserved


Anderson Scott aka Snub Zero Atlanta, Georgia

Anderson Scott (aka Snub Zero) is a product of Cleveland, Ohio. Upon his arrival in Atlanta, he proceeded to build his reputation as a phenomenal lyricist and exceptional performer. As a member of THE-5IVE, Anderson Scott is the force behind Lyricism Lives movement. Punchline, after punchline, his literary genius is on full display via his latest effort, "Words that Rhyme." ... more

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