I'm a 5ver (f​/​THE​-​5IVE)

from by Anderson Scott aka Snub Zero

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I was born with a mic in hand/ In a land where the rich get rich and the poor get trips to take the stand/ I decided to take a stand/ like I just robbed a band/ but instead I just robbed the bass while e-z rockin' for the fans/ I rep for those individuals who're sweating for residuals/ but gettin nothing but sentences for money making rituals/ Living so despicable, demons in our physical/ so aint nobody spiritual- them murder cases typical/ I'm a Black man living a White man's dream- I be lying/ so I guess I'm using the White man's schemes- all the time/ in my quest just to get this cream/ my mind is like the manager's at Coffee Bean- on the grind/ But the cops and shots from glocks and all the rocks that we puff/ Plus the shots of vodka, watches, drops and gwop got us nuts/ I'm insane in the brain.. I'm gon 'b-real'/ I could be wild be I'm gon be chill/ Hennessey sippin', Infinite dippin', I tend to be flippin'- Im mentally ill..

HOOK (2x):
I'm divine, sublime, refined combining lines/ My mind forever shines off the rhymes I design... I'm a 5ver!

we got them lines / that shine/ be on the cam like ya boi from Caroline /in hollywood on the screen in due time/ gettin monster green like boi Frankenstein/ ima 5verrrrrrrr / spit this quick then I gooo / manifest it, flow arrested cause we stole the show/ wezza a hard act to followww trust/ ask them crews at the show that tried to followwwww us/ we left stage musty, busty still wanna hug me, rub me, tug me, love me, bug me/ but he has to get back to the valley, sally now is a cussy, fussy, hussy 5!

February 2-Double-0 to the 9/
Was the time that everyone witnessed the Divine/
Union of 5 human individual signs/
Soon to become the dominant conglomerate of
'Rhyme...That...Words', in reverse/
You can feel the rush from the stage when we burst, whoever bringing it first/
Gotta set it off proper/
(Monsta) 5IVE be the sponsor/
Hasta la Vi... to imposters/
Any beat I'mma eat like Dahmer/
Hannibal eliminate a 'pause' like comma/
Cannibal, a Heavyweight Boss Mic-bomba/
An animal with steady weight loss like sauna/
Part of a brotherhood we the Mantra/
Maneuver through ups & downs like playing Contra/
Lyrical Chief Rocka/
You can just can watch us/
Fresh like Binaca/
Invest in the roster/

SHRED The Verbal Tongue:
8 bars of sheer excellence.

HOOK (2x)

8 bars of lyrical supremacy (By the way, that dude said, "Fill a Dell for ya..." (Philadelphia??) Ham.

If you wonder why I got my 5s to the sky/ Giving two slaps down, with a back hand, pound and dap that's left up high/ Never "I", it is 'us'/ In the crew we trust/ This is who 'I am", shouts to Big Rus/ When the rhymes get bust and the beat goes bang/ The fleet goes nuts and the people sang/ We ain't no gang, it's in our 'blood' to 'crip'ple with slang/ Triple your bread, cover your head/ real Hip Hop has come from the dead/ Jawz Pizzle, Zilla and Shred/ Snub Zero spittin' that lead..


from Words That Rhyme, track released October 25, 2011
Written by J. Anderson, K. Perryman, C. Bobb-Semple, R. Covington, C. Harper
Featuring THE-5IVE
Produced by Team MF'N
Recorded at Arkham Asylum



all rights reserved


Anderson Scott aka Snub Zero Atlanta, Georgia

Anderson Scott (aka Snub Zero) is a product of Cleveland, Ohio. Upon his arrival in Atlanta, he proceeded to build his reputation as a phenomenal lyricist and exceptional performer. As a member of THE-5IVE, Anderson Scott is the force behind Lyricism Lives movement. Punchline, after punchline, his literary genius is on full display via his latest effort, "Words that Rhyme." ... more

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