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The kids playing hide and go seek/ same place where the dealers hide iron- don't peek/ Look through your irises and you'll see people at risk for viruses/ turned to survivalists/ Hell kinda vibe is this? Ridin' with a rifle clenched/ Singing the first verse to "Life's a Bitch" as I light a spliff/ I get higher 'cuz I can't get lower/ and all of my cries for help have been ignored/ By everybody but the Lord/ But everytime I kneel down to pray, I get bored/ And fall asleep, dreamin' about gleamin'/ schemin', I'm the Black Bobby Heenan and my demons/ are like the Four Horsemen- Rugers instead of Luger/ These Anderson Brothers maneuver, inhaling Buddha/ Still feelin' the effects of when J. Edgar Hoover/ turned Black folks into heroine shooters/ They look at us as hoopers, hurdlers, burglars/ child neglectin', chicken eatin', gun toting murders/ That's why they're servin us nothing but hate/ and we forced to live in such a gluttonous state/ Niggas will sell their soul for a fuckin estate/ a bad broad and a candy paint bucket to skate/ I gotta quote Big Rhythm when constructing this tape/ Both hands near the nine like a quarter to eight/ According to Fox, I'm destined for a spot in a box/ No 40 acres and a mule- its TWO hots and a cot/ but instead, I'm watching Boondocks in a drop/ I'm like Rasheed Wallace's head- I'm rockin' the spot/ and I hope to heal the world with the doctrine I drop/ Call me A space Scott, I make great scriptures/ and get double exposure like 8th grade pictures/ (cheese) Let's develop the negatives/ I'm hype while these fellas rather live off of sedatives/ I'm from where the metal peels back in a hurry/ In broad daylight while the bystanders scurry/ The judicial system do drug dealers dirty/ so I medicate 'mics' like Conrad Murray/ Alberta Clipper, nigga here's a snow flurry/ Hakuna Matata, I'm rockin' with no worries/ Eyes on the prize- so here's to the fans/ who vibe when we ride, I hear cheers from the stands/ They appear to be tranced, so you can make them dance/ I will make them believe they can advance/ Here's my chance to fatten up my wallet/ so this here's to pay for Tiara Malone's college/ I push these books financed by my own pockets/ No watches, bracelets or fancy ass lockets/ I push paragraphs of poetry with pencils/ to people in the projects to prove their potential/ When push comes to shove, we can all rise above/ if we just show some love... now follow Snub/ Let's push through the poison, push past the pestilence/ and push and adolescent into excellence/ (hold up) Let's push through the poison, push past the pestilence/ and push and adolescent into excellence/ (one more) Let's push through the poison, push past the pestilence/ that was WORDS THAT RHYME, now here's a word from The President...


from Words That Rhyme, track released October 25, 2011
Written by J. Anderson, B. Obama
Produced by Imago Dei



all rights reserved


Anderson Scott aka Snub Zero Atlanta, Georgia

Anderson Scott (aka Snub Zero) is a product of Cleveland, Ohio. Upon his arrival in Atlanta, he proceeded to build his reputation as a phenomenal lyricist and exceptional performer. As a member of THE-5IVE, Anderson Scott is the force behind Lyricism Lives movement. Punchline, after punchline, his literary genius is on full display via his latest effort, "Words that Rhyme." ... more

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