Go (f​/​Coco Jones and Vegas Gibson)

from by Anderson Scott aka Snub Zero

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PRE-HOOK (Anderson Scott):
Shawty, I gotta go/ When I'm gone, I ain't coming back no more/ If you loved me, you would wanna see me grow/ so even though it might cause you woe- I gotta go..

VERSE ONE (Anderson Scott):
..We had a blast/ Chillin' watching movies- a little puff, puff, pass/ We shared a couple laughs, our chemistry was super/ We exchanged views on the art of Kama Sutra/ But then, my position switched, when I heard that little clock go 'tick'/ That was it/ I knew that it was time to refurbish my design/ and what we had was fun, but wasn't furthering my grind/ I'm sick of teaching all these kids that's not mine/ I wanna have a youngin who can watch his Pops shine/ So although you are fine, I gotta decline/ All future endeavors together- wait, why are you crying?/ There comes a time in every man's life, when he analyzes the wrongs and rights/ I know it's trife/ I hit your heart with that knife, that night/ the next day I prayed about it and met my future wife/ (damn) I know you think that's despicable/ Triflin' Pitiful, all adjectives applicable/ But that muscle in my chest- with the arteries and ventricles/ Is nothing short of unpredictable/ So it's not you -it's me,/ I'm going through some changes- 30 years old is the new puberty/ I gotta get my life right, I've come to that decision/ But I gotta leave you to start my mission..

HOOK (Coco Jones):
I had to leave (go)/ Walk away (go)/ But I see clearer now, better than before/ No regrets, its all love/ I had to let go of yesterday- and I'm better (better)

VERSE TWO (Anderson Scott):
From the very first time I walked through your doors/ You'd clap for me, snap for me- sometimes you'd roar/ I jumped off your stage, rolled around on your floors/ And copped every appetizer shown on your board/ All them days of chillin on your back porch? (Lord)/ My brain cells decreased and creativity soared/ I met my best friends there, bagged a bunch of chicks there/ Shit, I kicked Spoken Word over your kick snares/ I made chips there/ But now that I'm gettin' a nationwide buzz- I think I'm too good to spit there?/ Real fuckin rap-- you consistently supported real fuckin rap/ But your vibe is so grimey/ and grimey rappers stopped gettin shine in the 90's/ I wanna be at Summer Jam- I wanna push a Range/ Not rapping for a homeless man begging me for change/ Everybody in the 'A' can admit/ the scene wouldnt be the same if you didn't exist/ I travel 'round the world- giving party people fits/ But still I itch to be on your list- I can't resist/ So now I'm rolling down Spring Street, reminiscing/ Missing your cheap ass beers and Jerk Chicken/ But listen, the world's witnessin my ascension/ So I had to leave home to start my mission..

HOOK (Coco Jones):
I had to leave (go)/ Walk away (go)/ But I see clearer now, better than before/ No regrets, its all love/ I had to let go of yesterday- now I'm better (better)


from Words That Rhyme, released October 25, 2011
Written by J. Anderson and K. Jones
Produced by Team MF'N
Recorded at Arkham Asylum



all rights reserved


Anderson Scott aka Snub Zero Atlanta, Georgia

Anderson Scott (aka Snub Zero) is a product of Cleveland, Ohio. Upon his arrival in Atlanta, he proceeded to build his reputation as a phenomenal lyricist and exceptional performer. As a member of THE-5IVE, Anderson Scott is the force behind Lyricism Lives movement. Punchline, after punchline, his literary genius is on full display via his latest effort, "Words that Rhyme." ... more

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